Wisteria Passion !

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While surfing on the net we couldn’t resist these magnificent Wisteria photographs. This 144 year old beauty is located in Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan. Please sit back for a minute and enjoy this magical view. http://bit.ly/1lmkCul

Let’s look from above a little bit, shall we ?

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Let’s change our point of view a little bit. Here are the aerial photographs of spectacular places. Enjoy ! Bourtange – Vlagtwedde, Netherlands. (Photo by Digital Globe/Caters News) Venice, Italy. (Photo by Digital Globe/Caters News) Central Park – New York. (Photo by Digital Globe/Caters News) Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery – Madrid, Spain. (Photo by ...

Erwan Fichou – Miradors

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The owner of this creative photography project is Erwan Fichou. The photographs are from Mexico. A good combination and perspective which inspires you and also make you smile. We highly recommend you to look all the photographs in the Miradors Serie. You should click here to see all.

Puppy by Jeff Koons

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Installation by Jeff Koons in Guggenheim Museum Balboa, Spain since 1997. The sculpture of  terrier includes 70.000 different flowers and 25 tons of soil which has an internal irrigation system. Photo credit; rubenperezperez

Muse : (fos)

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The real deal is to make difference. This muse is from Madrid streets from a vegan restaurant. Check here for more information.

Muse of the week : La Scala Infiorata

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Built in 1608, the Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte has 142-steps which are each decorated with a different ceramic, using styles and figures derived from the millennial tradition of pottery making. Each year, during the La Scala Flower Festival, about two thousands potted plants and flowers of different shades and colors are arranged on ...

Muse of the week – Château de Versailles

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This week’s muse is from France. A must-see place for anyone who’s interested in landscape architecture or not. Versailles, is a royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France.The Gardens of Versailles occupy part of what was once the Domaine royal de Versailles, the royal demesne of the château of Versailles. Situated to ...

Land of Hope – Montréal Mosaicultures 2013

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These captures belong to the event “Montréal Mosiacultures 2013″. This year’s edition covers the “Land of Hope” theme and includes over 50 “giants of the horticultural arts” on display in Canada’s impressive Montréal Botanical Garden. With 20 countries represented by 200 participating artists, the event is also an international art competition, and the winners will ...